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And get an instant snap shot of your current sites performance.


A generous free tier lets you get started in 30 seconds.

  • Add up to 5 unique URLS for free (web and/or API)
  • Setup custom rules for alerts and warnings so you only get notified when you need it.
  • Free status page lets your users see your current and historical statistics.
  • Nothing to install, we show real world performance as seen by your users.
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UPPLY Features

We offer a wide range of metrics and services to choose from for free and we are always looking at ways to add more in the future.

  • All metrics are available for free
  • We only alert you when you tell us so no spam
  • You can add notes on incidents when an alert is sent, or not, its up to you.
Total response time
SSL Status & expiry date
Keyword tracking per URL
Send custom GET, PUT, POST variables
Customisable alerts
Free public status page.

Status page included

Our free and paid subscriptions include a white labelled status page so you can show your current and historical performance and uptime to your users.If an incident occurs then you can add a note which will be shown on that incident. You can even ask us to stop montitoring for 12/24/48 hours if you antiicpate some maintenance and do not want to add the events to your history.

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UPPLY is created around a need to monitor websites and API end points quickly and easily and be alerted when something seems off.

If you have a similar need then give UPPLY a go.
If not then perhaps we aren't for you?
We don't want you to be unhappy so why not check out some alternatives below.

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Are you a SAAS Startup?

Then you will understand the importance of building trust with your users, a big part of running a SAAS in convincing your users that you will always be available. Using UPPLY will allow you to do that for free from day one so no added cost to you. If you need more than 5 URLS checked then we can offer you an exclusive offer.

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